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Northern Roots Cannabis Corporation Enters Exclusivity Agreement to Develop Hemp Products in India

Kitchener-based cannabis company enters into a exclusive partnership agreement with India’s LNB Group to develop Hemp products

-Northern Roots and LNB Group will work together to create Hemp-based products and services for the growing international cannabis industry. -Northern Roots’ Cannabis Genetic Initiative will have unprecedented access to unique landrace varieties and strains of Hemp-India’s relationship with Hemp is being modernized and recognizes Hemp’s historical role and future industrial and commercial promise

KITCHENER, ONTARIO, CANADA & KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL, INDIA- November 13, 2018 – Qualis Cannabis Corporation (“Qualis”) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Northern Roots Cannabis Corporation (“Northern Roots”), are pleased to announce that they have entered into an exclusive agreement with the LN Bangur Group of India (“LNB”), a leading diversified business conglomerate. This partnership focuses on the development of hemp genetics and products for India’s medical markets.

“We are very proud to announce our partnership with the LNB Group of India. This agreement will enable the great heritage of Hemp in India to usher in the next worldwide revolution of CBD based pain medications and Hemp fibre products.”

-Kevin Puloski, CEO, Northern Roots

Under this agreement, both Northern Roots and the LNB group of companies will work to bring Hemp varietals into Northern Roots’ Cannabis Genetics Initiative (“CGI”). CGI will breed Hemp cultivars that will power a wide gamut of product lines: from industrial textiles and consumer fabrics to animal anxiety, beauty creams, extracts and pain relief. The LNB Group is especially excited to establish this timely partnership as the federal government of India has begun the process of issuing hemp cultivation licences for research purposes and industrial hemp production licences to supply the growing need for the manufacturing of fibre and textiles locally and globally.

Looking forward with Northern Roots and LNB Group

As both companies are rooted in their commitments to sustainability and innovation, Northern Roots is proud to align itself with the LNB Group. The LNB and Northern Roots’ partnership will build upon the wealth of India’s vast agricultural heritage and develop the world wide Hemp market together. Through this agreement with LNB, Northern Roots is helping legacy communities across the globe move one step closer towards a sustainable farming future.

“As we work towards developing fair and sustainable Hemp-based products for India and the world, our partnership with Northern Roots will allow us to accelerate our product development in multiple categories across our entire platform. The knowledge and experience of the Northern Roots Team is quite impressive and we look forward to a bright future as a result of this strategic partnership.”

Shreeyash Bangur, Managing Director, LNB Group of Companies

About LNB Group Founded in 1918, with its headquarters in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, the LNB group of companies has been among the top business houses in India for more than a century.

The LNB Group has business interests in agriculture & agricultural supply management, textiles, tea plantations, pharmaceutical, real estate, renewable energy, financial services, and health & wellness services.

With a combined value of over 5 billion USD, the LNB group of companies, is an industry titan, thought leader who is committed to the values of fairness, innovation, compassion, and sustainability.

About Qualis and Northern Roots Northern Roots Cannabis Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualis Cannabis Corporation Inc. and is a Canadian pre-licence cannabis breeder and cultivator.

As one of the largest holders of Cannabis genetics in the world, Northern Roots is committed to ethical and environmental sustainability, industry stewardship, cultural respect, economic innovation, and social responsibility. Northern Roots is currently working with educational institutions, community groups, and legacy breeders to bring unique, protected, and potent strains to the international market for production in diverse environments. Northern Roots’ Cannabis Genetics Initiative currently contains a library of thousands of pre-validated strains. (

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