Our Vision

We believe in the benefits of cannabis, and believe even more in its potential.

Qualis Vision

Our Vision

Qualis is committed to discovery – using science and technology to uncover the unique properties of cannabis and deliver them to a diverse market.

We’re building a collaborative community who shares our vision, and will help us foster innovation and advance the industry.

This co-operative program is destined to help build a shared library that can be used for specific applications to reach millions of people.

Our focus is on SCIENCE, COMMUNITY, and CHANGE.


Our company is structured to create cannabis from seed to sale. From the analysis and genetic screening of plants to develop and stabilize targeted cultivars, to the innovative environmental controls in growing practices, to the rigorous scientific testing methods of these cultivars, we strive for excellence in both our processes and products.

We have high standards for quality and safety, and base our reputation on the consistent, reliable, and effective cannabis we deliver.


We’re passionate about cannabis and its potential to help people. Through our partnerships, we’re building a supportive and creative community that will advance the industry and ignite a culture of appreciation for the benefits of cannabis, redefining the current status quo.

We’re committed to sustainability, proponents of organics, and believe in the power of respect and collaboration to create mutually-beneficial business relationships.


Cannabis pioneers have moved the industry to where it is today, and now we want to help them take it to the next level. Qualis is creating a platform for growers and breeders to deliver their products to the world, and through organic growing practices, we intend to set new standards in the industry.

We also believe in the opportunity that co-operative relationships bring. Those who help to progress cultivar development by sharing their IP will be fairly compensated, encouraging others to contribute their knowledge and expertise to our company.

Our Company

Northern Roots ChartQualis Cannabis Corporation (Qualis) is the parent company to Northern Roots Cannabis Corporation. 

Our Flagship Project: Northern Roots

Northern Roots is our ACMPR pre-license cannabis company. Our growing, production, and research facilities all operate under the Northern Roots brand.







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